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Bachelorette Wine Tasting Tours

Bachelorette Wine Tasting Tours

For those that love to taste wine there are plenty of great tours you can be a part of. Many of them are very elaborate events and they will take care of you from the start. You can take a limo to the location where you will spend the day on a lovely tour. You can even see where the products for making the wine are grown.


The most popular wine tasting tours take place in California, however Long Island, New York’s North Fork Wine Region is expanding quickly. There are more than 20 wineries to be found around California and over 35 on Long Island. If you are interested in exploring wineries these are the places to do it. In both places you will find that the temperature is right to grow great wine. Napa Valley is the best known wine maker in the United States. Millions of people go there each year to take such a tour of the facilities.


If you are looking for more diversity though check out Sonoma in California. You will fill like you are stepping back in time when you show up for your wine tasting tours. Many of the buildings are elegant and historical in nature. They have been captured in various films as well.


There are more varieties of wine to be found in Sonoma than any other locations in the world. Many people like to go to Buena Vista to see the oldest winery in the United States. It has been in Somona since 1857. You will love the scenery to be found all around Somona. If you have several days for wine tasting tours you can certainly take in a great number of them.


Many people believe the fall is the best time to take a wine tasting tour of the California locations. This is because they colors are changing and everything is absolutely gorgeous. The leaves on the grapes are red, yellow, and orange instead of just a brown color. The air is cooler too so you won’t get hot during the day while on your tour. At the same time though many people love to go on a wine tasting tour in the summer so they can have a relaxing stroll as well as eat some lunch outdoors at the facility.

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