Limos on Your Wedding Day

Limos on Your Wedding Day

A limousine, or limo, is an uniquely long luxury vehicle, which traditionally sports black or white colors, although other colors have also been used like pink, or blue or maroon. Limousines are chauffeur-driven vehicles and are often associated with elegance.


Luxury vehicles like limousines usually place more emphasis on comfort, appearance, and amenities such as technological upgrades, higher quality material, and comforts like mini-bars, satellite radio, televisions, and smartphone integration . Luxury vehicles are the transportation of choice for a majority of all weddings.  Travel is elegant and handled by professionals.


Currently, limousine companies offer a wide array of new models to suit each client’s needs. New vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Hummer SUV Limos, BMW 7 Series, Lincoln Town Cars , Maybachs, Cadaillacs, Bentlys, and Rolls Royce. A newer version of the limousine is the Party Bus which features capacity for groups, spacious interior, disco lights, tvs, and surround sound.  Typically, they can carry between 10 to 35 passengers depending on the size and type.


A limousine service can vary with pricing. The most simple and standardized limousine service will have a wedding package.  This package includes the limousine, a chauffeur and beverages. Some companies offer white tie and black hat service for weddings.  When it comes to the driver, he or she should be in a tuxedo. When using a quality company know that your driver will act professional, know all pick up and drop off locations, and should always be within a phone call away.   Different types of beverages may be offered on its mini bars, and can range from alcoholic to non alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic drinks may be regulated by authorities in certain areas.


Some limo services includes extras such as, “Just Married” signs, balloons, bow ties, red royal wedding carpet, interior decoration, flowers, champagne stands, wedding march air horns, and other customizations.   Our advice is deal with quality service providers that provide  amenities that reflect their pricing and your needs.

FYI- most limos companies will provide a white runner for your ceremonies.  Just ask.

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