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Types of Limos and Livery Services

Types of Limos and Livery Services

The limousine, also called the limo, has come to be associated with luxury, glamour and style. It is used by the government to transport the highest officials of the country. It is used by celebrities riding to red carpet events. It is used by millionaires, business tycoons, rock stars. If you’re important, you arrive in a limousine—and before you’ve even stepped out of the car, you’ve already made a grand entrance.


Even if you’re not a politician, celebrity, or important CEO, limousine hire enables you to borrow that high luxury life even for a few hours. It is often used in weddings, important gala nights, or as an upmarket competitor to taxicabs. And for every occasion, there are a number of limousine models that can be used.


The Lincoln Limousine


The Lincoln Limousine is like a large, long sedan, which gives the person riding in the backseat a great deal of comfortable legroom. Sometimes, additional seats are attached directly behind the driver, facing rearward. About five people can be seated in the back of the Lincoln Limousine, and two more with the driver.


However, most of the newer models do not have the additional seats, replacing them instead with video equipment like televisions and video players, as well as a fully-stocked bar.


The Stretch Limo


When you’ve got a chauffeur, parking is never a problem—and good thing, too. The stretch limo, a popular model for partygoers who want to make a grand, Hollywood style entrance, is extremely long. The seats are arranged alongside the length of the car, perpendicular to the driver. This allows groups of people to sit facing each other, making it easier to talk and perhaps even make a toast with the complimentary champagne. There is only one door, unlike other models which have multiple doors for the multiple rows of seats.


Winton Six Limousine


This classic car isn’t actually a true limousine, but a circa 1915 luxury vehicle that’s a cross between a sedan and a bus. It has multiple doors, with an area for carrying passengers’ baggage. Because of its vintage feel and Old World charm, it still has a sense of glamour and luxury, further heightened by its rarity. It is sometimes called a “Jammer” and was once used to transport railroad passangers; today, it is the vehicle of choice of royalty in traditional processions. Ride it, and feel like a king.


Exotic custom limousines


You can actually hire the ultimate stretch limo, customized with luxury features. Some of these customizations employ cars like the Audi, BMW, Hummer, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and Rollys Royce, although the more popular vehicles that are converted are the Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac DTS, Hummer H2, and the Lincoln Navigator. The typical additions are security features like armoring and bullet proof glass, as well as entertainment systems and even the occasional Jacuzzi.


Party bus


When it’s a large party—too large for a standard limousine—you can hire a party bus. This can comfortably seat 20 or more people, and can let you hold an event right in the vehicle (as opposed to just using it to drive to one). Features often include surround sound systems, a DVD player, plasma televisions, disco and strobe lights, and even smoke machines. Party buses are very popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties, proms, and tourist excursions. Some rent it for a special and unique birthday celebration.


Bachelorette Wine Tasting Tours

Bachelorette Wine Tasting Tours

For those that love to taste wine there are plenty of great tours you can be a part of. Many of them are very elaborate events and they will take care of you from the start. You can take a limo to the location where you will spend the day on a lovely tour. You can even see where the products for making the wine are grown.


The most popular wine tasting tours take place in California, however Long Island, New York’s North Fork Wine Region is expanding quickly. There are more than 20 wineries to be found around California and over 35 on Long Island. If you are interested in exploring wineries these are the places to do it. In both places you will find that the temperature is right to grow great wine. Napa Valley is the best known wine maker in the United States. Millions of people go there each year to take such a tour of the facilities.


If you are looking for more diversity though check out Sonoma in California. You will fill like you are stepping back in time when you show up for your wine tasting tours. Many of the buildings are elegant and historical in nature. They have been captured in various films as well.


There are more varieties of wine to be found in Sonoma than any other locations in the world. Many people like to go to Buena Vista to see the oldest winery in the United States. It has been in Somona since 1857. You will love the scenery to be found all around Somona. If you have several days for wine tasting tours you can certainly take in a great number of them.


Many people believe the fall is the best time to take a wine tasting tour of the California locations. This is because they colors are changing and everything is absolutely gorgeous. The leaves on the grapes are red, yellow, and orange instead of just a brown color. The air is cooler too so you won’t get hot during the day while on your tour. At the same time though many people love to go on a wine tasting tour in the summer so they can have a relaxing stroll as well as eat some lunch outdoors at the facility.

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